Draama 2023

Three monkeys

Ugala Theatre

Three monkeys foto
Photo: Silver Kaljula
       05.09.2023       at 6 p.m.
Theatre Hall of the Estonian National Museum
     06.09.2023       at 5.30 p.m.
Theatre Hall of the Estonian National Museum

“This is all too much. I need something good! Wherever I look – there’s only anxiety and angst, sorrow and evil. So many people are suffering and I can’t do anything for them. I’m completely spent every evening, tired of this pain which surrounds me. During the night, everything continues as is, one nightmare follows another. And when I wake up in the morning and find out what happened in the real world during the night… I don’t want this anymore! I want to just be. And I want to be surrounded by people who love me and who I love. I want everything to be simple and easy like at that party – was it someone’s birthday or were we celebrating something? Everyone was there, having fun, singing, dancing, playing around and no one was in a hurry… No one was afraid or regretted anything, everyone understood each other without having to explain themselves. Everything seemed possible. I want to feel like this all the time. This must be possible, right?”

„Three monkeys“ concentrates on four people who decide to follow the old Japanese proverb: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They cut themselves off from the rest of the world and all streams of information and move into an old cottage to create their own little world.

„Three monkeys“ is a collaboration between the cast, which consists of young actors who recently joined Ugala , and Terje Pennie. 

The premiere was held on October 8, 2022 in the chamber hall of Ugala Theatre.  

Director: Ringo Ramul
Dramaturge: Priit Põldma
Stage designer: Arthur Arula
Composer and musical director: Jakob Juhkam
Lighting designer: Laura Maria Mäits
Cast: Terje Pennie, Margaret Sarv, Alden Kirss and Jass Kalev Mäe

Jakob Juhkam – nominee of the best word performance musical design award 2023

The performance lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The performance includes smoking and loud noises.

The performance doesn’t require knowledge of any particular language.