Draama 2021

In 2021 Estonian Theatre Festival Draama and Baltic Theatre Forum (BTF) for Baltic theatre researchers, critics and other theatre professionals will take place from the 7th to 12th of September in Tartu. On 10th of September, BTF conference “Baltic Reflections” will be held at the Institute of Cultural Studies in University of Tartu. For more information about festival Draama and BTF, please contact the head of the festival Hedi-Liis Toome hediliis@festival.ee.

In addition, VIII Estonian contemporary performing arts showcase draamamaa.weekend for foreign curators and programmers is going to take place in Tallinn and Tartu from the 6th to 9th of September. During the festival our guests can see and experience a concentrated selection of Estonian contemporary performing arts with an international potential. The festival is organised in collaboration with the Estonian Theatre Agency and festival Draama. For more information about draamamaa.weekend, please contact Liisi Aibel liisi@teater.ee.