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Three sisters

Must Kast 

Three sisters foto
Photo: Gabriela Urm
10.09.2022       at 7 p.m.
 Genialists’ Club (Magasini 5)
11.09.2022       at 4 p.m.
Genialists’ Club (Magasini 5)

A classic as interpreted by Vihmar.  

I’m annoyed and insulted by crudeness. I suffer a lot when I see that someone isn’t sensitive, courteous and gracious enough. Maybe I was raised weirdly but all sorts of crudeness, even the slightest indelicate word depresses me! Damn it, I dream of Moscow every night, I’m out of my mind… I dream of being a famous professor at the University of Moscow, a famous scientist. But it’s cold here. And there are mosquitos here.

If only I could start my life again with the knowledge I’ve got. This first life which has been lived already could be kind of a draft and the second one would be the real one… Everyone would probably then try to not repeat themselves. Exactly like we’re reborn every morning, every Monday and every new year’s morning when we change our lifestyles completely. Oh dear. Maybe self-irony is really the only thing that could save us from the suffering.


“Three Sisters” is Ingormar VIhmar’s third consecutive stage version of Anton Chekhov’s famous play. The 120-year-old text proves that everything always remains the same – even in a thousand years, people will say, “Oh, living is hard!” and they will be afraid of death and not wanting to die just as the characters in the book do.  

Author: Anton Chekhov
Director: Ingomar Vihmar (Endla Theatre)
Art director: Illimar Vihmar
Lighting designer: Karolin Tamm
Producer: Merilyn Elge
Marketing and direct sales: Heli Anni
Cast: Laura Niils, Birgit Landberg, Kaija M Kalvet, Jaanika Tammaru, Jane Napp (Endla Teater), Rauno Polman, Kristjan Lüüs, Karl Edgar Tammi, Karl Robert Saaremäe, Kaarel Targo.

The premiere was held on March 4, 2022 in the Genialists’ Club.  

The performance consist of two acts with an intermission and lasts for 2 hours and 40 minutes.