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The Beauty of the Game

Tartu New Theatre

The Beauty of the Game foto
Foto: Gabriela Liivamägi
      09.09.2021       at 3 p.m. 
Tartu New Theatre (English translation)
      09.09.2021       at 7 p.m. 
Tartu New Theatre

Why do we compete? What does it mean to win and lose, be acknowledged and ignored at the breakfast table, straight after your first kiss or on your very last birthday? Why do we want to be the best and are afraid of losses? Is there anything that can’t be perceived as a competition? For example, eating with a spoon or developing a runny nose?

Who would we be without any competition?

You said that the beauty of the game is of great value but would it retain its value if you were to constantly lose? Or win?

The performance is a duel where we determine the winner, the loser and everything in-between.

Cast: Elise Metsanurk and Jan Ehrenberg
Director: Andreas Aadel
Dramatist: Elise Metsanurk
Scenographer and lighting artist: Kristjan Suits
Poster: Estookin
Set solutions: Epp Peedumäe, Tuuli Raadik, Karl Marken, Ivar Pilvar
Dressmakers: Epp Peedumäe, Salong Manna Couture
Technician: Ivar Pilvar
Set and costume designer: Epp Peedumäe
Photos of the performance: Gabriela Urm
Producer: Maarja Mänd
Undying thanks: University of Tartu, ERM, Must Kast, Tartu Mart Reiniku School, Kirill Havanski, Kaarel Pogga, Sander Põllu, Oskar Harding, Anneli Saar, Henry Griin

It premiered on 17th October 2020 in the Chamber Hall of Tartu New Theatre.

The performance consists of one act and lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes.