Draama 2023

Kõik loeb/The Reader

Liis Vares, +aave+ ja eˉlektron

Kõik loeb/The Reader foto
       08.09.2021       at 9 p.m.
       09.09.2021       at 5 p.m.
          Online        (In English)

I read. I leave my body behind and vanish in order to get out of the space of solitude for a second, to reach out. To whom? To what? “I am a gaze, without opinions, judgements, feelings.” (Olga Tokarczuk “House of Day, House of Night”). I move between three spaces: mental space, virtual space, and physical space. I am in all of them at the same time and not really in any of them.

In this online-work the performer is invisible, but their traces are visible. These traces consist of observations and words stemming from a specific physical space, are transmitted to the digital space, to you who are, where?

Link to watch the performance:  https://elektron.art/

Direction: Liis Vares

Sound design: ✝aave✝

Technical support: Liis Vares,Taavet Jansen, e⁻lektron

Kõik loeb/ The Reader premiered in eˉlektron’s programme on November 29th, 2020

Duration: ~35 min