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The Lost Home

Saueaugu Theatre Farm

The Lost Home foto
Eduard Laud
      11.09.2021       at 12 p.m.
Bridge Hall of the Estonian National Museum (English translation)
      12.09.2021       at 12 p.m.
Bridge Hall of the Estonian National Museum
Somewhere far away, at the edge of a forest or a bog, there’s a farm that isn’t overlooked by any neighbours. In the evenings, the deafening chirping of crickets doesn’t let you fall asleep and loud birdsong wakes you up early in the mornings. The smell of recently cut grass is mixed with the aroma of sheep manure. You can get stung by a bee when running barefoot
in the blossoming clovers but the broadleaf plantain will make the pain vanish in seconds. If you lie down in the meadow to look at the cumulus clouds, then the blades of grass climb under your collar and tickle your neck. If the cat catches a bird, then you bury the bird under
the old birch tree and sing a sad song on their grave. The sauna is heated every Saturday and a new sauna whisk is cut for each visit.
Twice a week, your grandmother goes to the village to get fresh milk and once a week, the mobile shop visits the bus stop with food from the city. Every night, the radio plays a good night story before nine a clock.
This farm still exists somewhere. But we don’t manage to visit very often. And mostly it happens in our sleep.

“The Lost Home” is a dream-like journey to this farm and this summer where everything was still ahead of us, accompanied by texts by Ernst Enno and Madis Kõiv and choir music by Pärt Uusberg.
Author: Priit Põldma
Directors: Margus Kasterpalu and Priit Põldma
Composer: Pärt Uusberg
Music director: Miina Pärn
Scenographer: Jaan Toomik
Costume designer: Maiu Rõõmus
Lighting designer: Priidu Adlas (Estonian Drama Theatre)
Choreographer: Ingmar Jõela (Von Krahl Theatre)
Cast: Sander Roosimägi (Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences), Külli Teetamm (Tallinn City Theatre), Meelis Rämmeld (Endla Theatre)
Choir: Martin Einmann, Maarja Helstein, Ott Jalakas, Saale Kreen, Pille-Riin Langeproon,Susanna Paabumets, Merylin Poks, Liisi Promet, Gregor Rehand, Karl Tipp, Andre Tõnnis, Mihkel Uueküla

It premiered on 20th July 2021 at the Saueaugu Theatre Farm.

The performance consists of two acts and lasts for 3 hours.