Draama 2023

Baltic Tragedy

Tallinn City Theatre

Baltic Tragedy foto
      07.09.2021       at 6 p.m.
Bridge Hall of the Estonian National Museum (English translation)
       08.09.2021       at 6 p.m.
Theatre Hall of the Estonian National Museum

“The Baltic Tragedy” is written by Siegfried von Vegesack who is one of the most famous Baltic German writers and it talks about the life and fate of an aristocrat family in Latvia and Estonia during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Kertu Moppel and Karl Laumets have distilled Vegesack’s hefty 3-part novel into their own stage version which looks at this difficult period in history through a gallery of colourful characters.

The main character Aurel is still a child when he realises that there’s a mental glass wall between him as a son of the estate owner and the local Latvians who live next to him. When he goes to school in Riga, he has to call himself a Russian even though his dad has told him that he’s German. The rift deepens over time and the lives of Baltic Germans change irreversibly after the revolutionary events of 1905, World War I, red and white terror and the war against the Landeswehr.

Cast: Kaspar Velberg, Elisabet Reinsalu, Hele Kõrve, Alo Kõrve, Egon Nuter, Märt Pius, Evelin Võigemast, Külli Teetamm, Helene Vannari, Anu Lamp, Ursula Ratasepp, Allan Noormets, Rain Simmul, Tõnn Lamp, Andres Raag, Andero Ermel, Kalju Orro, Peeter Tammearu (guest)
Author: Siegfried von Vegesack/Kertu Moppel/Karl Laumets
Director: Karl Laumets
Translator: Tiiu Relve
Scenographer and video designer: Kristjan Suits
Lighting designer: Rene Liivamägi
Costume designer: Kristīne Pasternaka (Latvia)
Composer: Ann Reimann
Choreographer: Rauno Zubko
Sound designer: Arbo Maran

It premiered on 14th August 2021 on the Grand Stage of Salme Cultural Centre.

The performance consists of two acts and lasts for 2 hours and 50 minutes.