Draama 2023

International conference "Baltic Reflections"

International conference
Photo: Linda Liis Eek
10.09.2021 at 10 a.m.
Ülikooli 16-212

At the conference “Baltic Reflections”, theater researchers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will discuss:
- whether and how their close neighbors are portrayed in the theater
- which Baltic texts have been staged and how
- what is the co-operation between theater makers from the three countries

10.00 Opening words from the moderator Anneli Saro
10.10 Kristina Steiblytė: Latvian presence on Lithuanian stages
10.30 Liis Aedmaa: Latvian presence on Estonian stages
10.50 Discussion
11.00 Ieva Rodiņa: Lithuanian presence on Latvian stages
11.20 Madli Pesti: Lithuanian presence on Estonian stages
11.40 Discussion
11.50 Coffee break
12.00 Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča: Estonian presence on Latvian stages
12.20 Edgaras Klivis: Estonian presence on Lithuanian stages
12.40 Discussion
12.50 Coffee break
13.00–14.00 Discussion panel between the Estonian authors presented in the festival, led by Elise Metsanurk