Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA 2020


Estonian Theatre and Music Museum

FLAME foto
Sept 11th 18:00
Estonain National Museum, B-entrance
Sept 11th 21:00
Estonain National Museum, B-entrance
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On stage
LIISA SAAREMÄEL (Estonian Drama Theatre)
KARL LAUMETS (Vanemuine)

Text and production LIISA SAAREMÄEL (Estonian Drama Theatre) ja KARL LAUMETS (Vanemuine)
Lighting and set designer KRISTJAN SUITS (Tallinn City Theatre)
Costume designer BRITTA LAUMETS
Musical designer JOHAN RANDVERE
Poster designer ERKKI-ERICH MERILA

December 10th 2018

Duration 1h 15min
No intermission

The production is based on August Gailit's novel "Flaming Heart" ("Leegitsev süda"), Ella Ilbak's memories "Like a Deer Screaming..." ("Otsekui hirv kisendab...") and the letters of the two aFuthors.

"Flame" is the dance that the first Estonian dancer to gain international fame – Ella Ilbak (1895-1997) – used to end her performances with. For the dancer herself the act started with ignition material put on the ground and ended with ashes it leaves behind.

August Gailit's (1891-1960) novel "Flaming Heart" is written in his homeland (first chapters were published in "Looming" at the beginning of 1930s), but it was published as whole in 1945 in exile in Sweden. The main characters are composer Joosep Maarva and dancer Kaie Skalle, through whom the aspects of life and art are revealed. The prototype of Kaie Skalle is Ella Ilbak.