Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


Vaba Lava

Seymour foto
10. September at 19.00
Vaba Lava, Tallinn
A play by Anne Lepper
Translated by Mihkel Seeder
Director: Andreas Merz-Raykov (Germany)
Assistant director: Ekaterina Raykova-Merz (Germany)
Stage and costume design: Jelena Nagorni (Germany)
Music design: Ardo Ran Varres
Lightning design: Priidu Adlas

Actors: Liisa Pulk, Lauri Kaldoja, Roland Laos, Martin Kõiv, Kristo Viiding

Five overweight children alone in a weight loss sanatorium high up in the mountains, sent away by their parents. Only when they finally lose weight, and by that become acceptable again, they may be allowed to come back home

Seymour is a bizarre and also tragicomic parable on a society, steeped in the idea of economical progress and optimization. No place for love or mistakes – neither for kids, nor for their parents. Here the overweight children are regarded as a hopeless case, which cost too much effort and still can not be fixed, which has to be sorted out and replaced. The play is working on the question of hope and the fear not to be good enough. Those fat children, with whom we, on the first sight, have nothing in common are the embodiment of our anxiety to fail and to be rejected. They evoke sympathy. In their clumsy naivety and hope they remind us of ourselves.