Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


fac!+do!+totum foto
12. September at 14.00
Vaba Lava, Tallinn
Directed by Peeter Raudsepp 
Choreographer: Krista Köster
Stage design and costumes: Keili Retter
Lightning design: Priidu Adlas
Project manager: Grete Nellis

Dancers: Carmel Köster, Hellar Bergmann, Kreete Pillenberg, Peeter Raudsepp, Rene Köster

nobody can save you but
you will be put again and again
into nearly impossible
they will attempt again and again
through subterfuge, guise and
to make you submit, quit and/or die quietly

Charles Bukowski

There is an inner compulsion to assert yourself in this world, to make money and feel guilty if you fail to do it...

How to feel about ourselves and our lives? In “fac!+do!+totum”created by Peter Raudsepp and Krista Köster, three dancers and two actors invite you to a mental associative journey to find answers to the questions of how to become strong, how to let go and be free.