Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

...and Blue

Fine 5

...and Blue foto
10. September at 22.00
Harbour theatre
11. September at 19.00
Vaba Lava, Tallinn
Choreographers: Tiina Ollesk and Rene Nõmmik
Music: Taavo Remmel and Virko Veskoja
Lighting design: Airi Eras
Technical team:  Vaba Lava Theatre
Visual: Rain Saukas
Photos: Tracy Kolenchuk
Costumes:  Epp Kubu
Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Tatjana Romanova, Simo Kruusement, Endro Roosimäe, Tiina Ollesk and Olga Privis

Supported by: Tallinn City, Kultuurkapital, Kultuuriministeerium

„..and Blue“ reflects the feelings of separation and loneliness both inside of us and outside. The conflict of fear and tension between the individuals and groups in society, where emphaty is forgotten value and calm calculative carelesness tends to be norm. This is abstract and metaforical piece for 6 dancers, where „Blue“ resembles both the fear that pushes us to act and at the same time pulls us back. „Blue“ also reflects the hidden inner strive to get over the fear and find one´s own freedom.

Virko Veskoja has created additional rhytm/sounds for the recorded music. Taavo Remmel`s contrabass improvisations were recorded in summer 2014.