Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


Rene Köster

Tzion foto
photo Juri Kondrjatev
8. September at 20.00
Genialist’s Club
 Choreography, music, design: Rene Köster 
 Light design: Revo Koplus 
 Visuals, animation: Mikk Mägi, Sander Joon 
 Photo: Juri Kondrjatev 
 Supporter: Eesti Kultuurkapital
 Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL 
   "Hashem has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me" – Tzion "Even if these would forget, but I will not forget you..."
 "Lift your eyes around you and see all those who have gathered, coming to you" - Hashem Isaiah 49 

 "Tzion" is Rene Köster's first solo dance performance. It is based on the esoteric reference to Tzion in Kabbalah in which it is seen as a spiritual rudiment from where the reality rises. At the same time Tzion is portrayed as a figure that has been forgotten and forsaken by the same world that he once created. This conception oppresses him and urges him to change to find peace and regard. The author tries to engage in this kind of split personality through movement and music in order to study the possible variations of natures a body can convey at the same time. Putting time and gender into two focal points he twists them against each other and themselves reaching ever more impossible combinations. 

The performance was awarded with Estonian Theatre Association prize for young authors.  

Rene Köster is dancer, director and choreographer from Tallinn, Estonia. He is one of the founders of Twisted Dance Company which has brought many different performances to the stage, the latest being “RSKSD” that premiered at Kanuti Gildi SAAL in 2012. He has undergone various trainings in the field of dance in Europe and in the USA and at the moment is studying choreography in Tallinn University