Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


United Dancers of Zuga

9. September kell 14.00
Genialist’s Club
Authors and performers: Ajjar Ausma (Cabaret Rhizome), Helen Reitsnik, Päär Pärenson (Cabaret Rhizome), Tiina Mölder
Sound: Kalle Tikas
Duration: 45′
Producer: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
Premiere: 3rd december in Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
Supported by: Estonian Cultural Ministry, Tallinn City, Folger, Uuskasutuskeskus

It was a magic Thursday night in June
The Sun had turned into the Moon
Courageous seamen we became
And maple’s head became our sail
Far-far away we saw that desert isle
Where secret cave would make us smile
Four of us are in the game
And in the story we proclaim
Who knows if in the end of day
Quest will win or joy of play?

“Passage” is a dance performance, where friendship and trust will be put to the test. Accordance becomes essential: playing with each other and playing with movements and sound. The joy of play will be held out to both – the audience and the performers. At one point everybody could find themselves as a part of the play.

United dancers of ZUGA is a dance collective that was created 1999 by dance-makers Tiina Mölder, Kaja Kann and Jarmo Karing. Throughout the years different artists have participated in the various adventurous performances of ZUGA. This time are working together Helen Reitsnik, Tiina Mölder, Kalle Tikas and the members of the theatre Cabaret Rhizome – Ajjar Ausma and Päär Pärenson.

One important part of ZUGAS work is performances for kids and collective works with youngsters. The company’s works for young audiences have been awarded several times: Estonian Theatre Award of the year 2009 for children theatre and Estonian Independent Dance Award 2009 for ZUGA’s performance “Zuga zuug zuh-zuh-zuh”; Award of the Estonian children theatre festival “Draamake” – “Touch of the audience” for ZUGA’s performance „ZUGA’s children piece“