Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Waiting for ...

Tallinn University, choreography

Waiting for ... foto
Author: Marianne Ubaleht
7 September, 17.00
Jakobi 1, Tartu
Director Indrek Hirsnik 
Designer Anna Tamm 
Supervisor Renee Nõmmik 

On stage Erena Reilent, Siim Praats, Riina Ausma

The production has been inspired by Samuel Beckett's "Play". The project was started five years ago and now, through this dance performance, the author of it is looking around inside himself - for the end of a life period, of a degree and for the end of a story. 

"Waiting for... " is a study of human relationships through the physical language of movement. How constant mental and physical influences alter a person. How do we change and what is left of us. 

Waiting for ...

... myself. 

... the end. 

... new beginning. 


... ?