Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Natives' Mating Games

EAMT, UT Viljandi Culture Academy, UT, EKA, TLÜ

Natives' Mating Games  foto
Author: Jane Tiidelepp
8. September
Director Liisa Pool, Laura Kalle, Jan Teevet  
Designer / Costume Designer Liisa Pool, Laura Kalle, Jan Teevet, Mirjam Aimla   

All groups start their tour from in front of the fish section in the Rimi shop (Tasku keskus). 
There you will meet your tour guide and the rest of the group. 

Times of the tour on the 8th September: 08:07 / 08:37 / 09:07 / 09:37 / 10:07 / 10:37 / 16:07 / 16:37 / 17:07 / 17:37 / 18:07 
The tour takes 2 hours

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, University of Tartu,
University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

Welcome to the tour. 

A colourful urban landscape will open up to you as move along like agile cheetahs accompanied by our energetic tour guides. We offer you a chance to see something so well preserved just because it has until now been covered by a protecting veil of mystery. Here Dawn will reach out to Dusk and the past will meet the future. Mostly five-storied houses rise from the ground as if newly born. On closer inspection one realises that their stony shells have once even breathed the air of the 70s. Cosy rooms lie beneath the cracking surface, taking different forms of life through time. It is the place of places, which had 4955 people per square kilometre in 2013, and even more beating hearts than that. You enter the daily lives of the natives - but be careful, because in the seeming structure of their daily routines lie unexpected dangers and traditional dissoluteness. To see the truth you must be seen yourself because the city is friendly towards its own. There is no need to worry, however, the treats for the hosts are included in the price.