Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

... and the Word Became Flesh

EAMT Drama Shool

... and the Word Became Flesh foto
Author: Laura Nõmmik
8 September, 20.00
Jakobi 1, Tartu
Supervisor Anu Lamp

On stage Jürgen Gansen, Ott Raidmets, Saara Nüganen, Mehis Pihla, Karl Koppelmaa, Lauli Otsar, Risto Vaidla, Markus Habakukk, Laura Kalle, Christopher Rajaveer, Ester Kuntu, Karl Laumets, Liisa Saaremäel  

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Drama School 27th class 

"... and the Word Became Flesh" is a journey through Estonian literature inspired by stories from the Old Testament. The travels are accompanied by living paintings. 

The production was originally comprised for the voice and speech course exam by Professor Anu Lamp: 
"We took a closer look a the stories of the Old Testament, to make up for gaps in education and to lay a foundation for further explorations of literature and art. In the words of Chekhov - in order to learn to read the psychological gesture in visual art. This production is a foundation and the interpretation of it in spoken word, image, gesture and happening."