Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.


EAMT Drama School 27th class

Cassette foto
7 September 23.00
Jakobi 1, Tartu
Director Mehis Pihla, Karl Koppelmaa, Laura Kalle 
Designer Mehis Pihla, Karl Koppelmaa, Laura Kalle, Kati Stimmer, Johannes Valdma

On stage Jürgen Gansen, Markus Habakukk, Liisa Saaremäel, Christopher Rajaveer, Lauli Otsar, Ester Kuntu, Risto Vaidla, Karmo Nigula, Karl Laumets, Ott Raidmets  

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Drama School 27th class
The independent works of the dramatists of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Drama School's 27th class. 
Three short plays under the name of "Cassette"

Absurdist crime thriller
"My wife was raped" 
Dramatist / Director Mehis Pihla 
Designer Kati Stimmer
On stage Ott Raidmets, Karmo Nigula, Risto Vaidla ja Karl Laumets

They are like the presidents of Estonia, the musketeers, the A-team and the Beatles 
Because there are four. And they are men. But not only ...
They all have a problem. A BIG problem. 
One man who wants to dissect everything. 
One man who wants to solve everything. 
One man who wants to know everything. 
One man who is to blame for everything. 

"Bonobos don't give a shit" 
Director Karl Koppelmaa
Helping hand Johannes Valdma
On stage Liisa Saaremäel, Christopher Rajaveer, Markus Habakukk, Jürgen Gansen

No. not the way he is. Neither the way he could be. The way he seems, yes, in dreams. We are the sleeplovers and sleepkillers. For real. And we are being killed... we only act as if we woke up. One could probably say something like this... perhaps people will think that it is something involving sleep... no. It is life. Simply... not quite normal. But because of its small quirks I love... Once I planted flowers but got mushrooms... Try then and understand. 

Behind the scenes Laura Kalle
On stage Ester Kuntu, Lauli Otsar

Some things are minor and some are just stuff. Because a thing itself is empty, until it is full. 
And when you are spilling already, you can transfer some of it into things. For a short while and for longer. And it does not take long until the drawers are full of these things. It is then when one needs to go to the second hand market.