Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

Borderline: As We Are


Borderline: As We Are  foto
9 September, 18.00
Grand building of Vanemuine
All students of the performing arts in an entertaining and satirical performance 
made especially for the 2015 Drama festival. 

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Drama students (27th and 28th class),
University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy Performing Arts students 
(Theatre, Dance, Theatre Technical Arts), University of Tartu Theatre Studies, Tallinn University Dance and Estonian Academy of Arts Scenography students
In the first act we take a humorous look at the lives within the walls of performing arts schools: what goes on in there? Is playing a pancake or a lion still common practice? Is it possible to dance in a matchbox? What kind of an animal is the scenographer? Do theatre researchers have test tubes? Do we still love the opera? 
In the second act the EAMT Drama School's 27th class reflects Estonian theatres and their expectations of newcomers in a form of satirical parody.