Estonian Theatre Festival 2015.

This year’s theatre festival’s curated programme “Borderline” concentrates on the performing arts education in Estonia. There are around a hundred young apprentice theatre people in Estonia which is quite a considerable number. We hope that the voice of these hundred people will echo strongly both through the performances played at the festival and outside them. We showcase our skills, invite people to start a dialogue through art and ask a few painful questions, for example, whether it is all well and good in the performing arts education and what could be changed.

On these three days, we try to place ourselves as “horizontally” as possible, looking at the means of theatre democratically and as if for the first time. Where does theatre end and life begin? Where does life end and death begin? Where does death end and theatre begin? These questions will always remain larger than even the most ingenious answers but it is now time for the new generation to answer them as required by the present moment. This is the duty of the heart.

Theatre is inseparable from imagination and the young theatre people can offer it anywhere – in Tartu, Viljandi and Tallinn. During these three days, they do it all together and in Tartu. Imagination “explodes”, it rips something older into pieces and creates a highly intense in-between place which is full of opportunities and which shapes a new direction, a new choice, a new order. Imagination “disappears” when we feel like we are repeating trodden patterns, when it is clear where the borders lie and they have been declared valid. Let us place ourselves under the mercy of imagination for three days and take a borderline journey through the apartments at Annelinn, outdoor parliament, joke programmes, conference and many other theatrical performances and endeavours.

See you at the borderline!

Peeter Raudsepp, curator of programme "Borderline"