Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

Theatre group Frank

Fernando Pessoa “The Mariner”

1.09/21:00-22:00/Church of the University of Tartu

Translator: Anneli Tuulik
Director: Mirko Rajas
Designer: Kalju Karl Kivi
Costume designer: Kristiina-Hortensia Port
Lighting designer: Oliver Kulpsoo
Composer and musical designer: Ekke Västrik
Project manager: Ave Habakuk
Cast: Anna Kristin Peterson, Kristiina-Hortensia Port, Katri Pekri

The theatre group Frank’s “The Mariner” is a production-experiment which looks at the two 
days when Fernando Pessoa wrote his play “The Mariner” through the prism of poetry theatre. 
How did the writer listen and influence his own stories and how did the characters listen to 
and influence the writer are questions which form the basis of the world created on the stage. 
The production “The Mariner” concentrates mainly on the inner lives and mental images 
painted on the souls of the characters which are expressed by the performances of the actors, 
the visual side of the production and the musical fragments which are composed on site by the 
composer. With this production, we invite the audience to glimpse at the works and the only 
play by the great poet and philosopher Fernando Pessoa so that people could look at their own 
life and doings from the perspective of the questions raised in the performance. We also offer 
our own answers to questions about the proportion between creating imaginary worlds and 
living in the reality.

Theatre group Frank 


About the theatre group Frank

The theatre group Frank was formed due to a wish and need to create outside the institutional 
system and previously established structures. In their works, the members of the group want 
to return to the pure origins of artistic self-expression, valuing sincerity, openness, the joy of 
creation, devotion, trustfulness and – most importantly – love of creating and other related 
topics. Embodying these values, they try to establish at a compatible system and clearly 
defined structure through experimenting. The members of Frank share a passion for different 
forms of theatre arts – word, puppet and visual theatre. However, they are also interested 
in fine arts, music and literature. The theatre group Frank is looking for opportunities for 
organically merging these means of expression in their works.    

The theatre group Frank organises meetings on different levels according to the character and 
aim of each project. They combine different fields of art into coherent pieces, fresh original 
works gather inspiration from timeless classics, seasoned professionals work side by side 
with keen beginners... Despite all that, Frank does not abandon its area-specific aspiration 
for perfection or give way to homogenization of different characters. The meetings of two 
worldviews give rise to a third approach which is unique to the piece at hand. The constant 
broadening of creative horizons and honing of skills occurs through people remaining 
themselves and discovering and adopting the new without forsaking their values. The borders 
are redrawn but the participants remain true to their core.  

The group values freedom, courage to discover and eagerness to experiment. Being ready to 
experience the new and the surprising is the underlying basis for art which has the potential 
to touch the heart and soul of both the authors and the members of the audience. At the same 
time, it is important to start each experiment with a clear idea in mind so that reaching the 
goal, wandering off the chosen route and finding another could all yield to something and 
give something to everyone involved.   

The theatre group Frank consists of people with different backgrounds, interests and 
professions who want to broaden their creative horizons and foster self-development. Frank 
was created to implement the ideas which need a free and intimate atmosphere to reach 
their potential as it appeared in the members’ dreams and plans. The group is also keen to 
cooperate with different unique individuals and institutions which share their values. Frank is 
ready to offer a helping hand to implement ideas conceived by similar-minded people outside 
the group which instigate creative mergers. Thus, everyone who is interested can always turn 
to the members of Frank to share their plans and find support for implementing them.    

Theatre group Frank consists of Mirko Rajas, Ekke Västrik, Katariina Tamm, Kalju Karl Kivi, 
Ave Habakuk, Priit Põldma and Evert Saar.