Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

Second year students of the theatre arts course at the performance art department at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy

Juhan and Anna

 4.09/21:00-.../ Church of the University of Tartu

Based on Juhan Liiv’s and Anna Haava’s poems.
Directors: Helena Kesonen, Ringo Ramul and Karl Sakrits
Mentor: Garmen Tabor

Cast: Alexandr Kuzin, Dajana Zagorskaja, Dan Jeršov, Eduard Tee, Getter Meresmaa, Grete Jürgenson, Helena Kesonen, Jaune Kimmel, Karin Lamson, Karl Robert Saaremäe, Jekaterina Burdjugova, Karl Sakrits, Katrin Sutt, Liisu Krass, Martin Tikk, Mihkel Vendel, Märten Matsu, Ringo Ramul, Tanel Ting.

Sunrise. The sounds and voices of the awakening world. The enlightening scent of the first spring rain. Juhan and Anna. The first hopes, wishes and sounds of the soul. The warm colours of the first summer day. Dew on the grass. The misty streets and warm hearts of autumn evenings. Stars shine exceptionally bright on a cold winter night. We want to live and leave a mark in the book of times. Juhan, Anna and us. The 11th class of UT Viljandi Culture Academy theatre students brings the words and thoughts from the previous century back to life.