Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

Aleksander Suuman “In Hyperborea”

1.09/18:00-19:15/Church of the University of Tartu

Director Tõnu Õnnepalu
Cast: Aleksander Eelmaa and Pääru Oja

Aleksander Suuman lived on the island of Vilsandi in the end of the 1970s and during those few years, he wrote one of the masterpieces of Estonian poetry – a collection called “In Hyperborea”. The independent poems, which make up the book and are undoubtedly also remarkable on their own, also form a larger poem or even an epic. Place: Hyperborea, Thule island. Hero: a poet, artist. Plot: journey (back) to yourself, maturing and opening up. The journey is not an easy one. The youth are seeking the wisdom of the old and the old are trying to retrieve the freshness of the youth. A synthesis takes place and both can go their own way, enjoying a newfound freedom.