Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

I Love You! I Love You! I Love You!

Theatre Vanemuine

I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! foto
7.09 at 12:00
Harbour Theatre

Avtandil Varsimashvili’s lyrical love story

Translator from Georgian: Natali Lohk
Director: Avtandil Varsimashvili (Georgia)
Designer: Silver Vahtre
Musical design: Avtandil Varsimashvili
Lighting designers: Andres Sarv and Jaanus Moor

Cast: Jaanika Arum, Linda Kolde, Kärt Tammjärv, Marian Heinat, Veiko Porkanen, Reimo Sagor, Markus Dvinjaninov, Tanel Jonas

Life in a Georgian mountain village is idyllic – people, animals and natural phenomena live in harmony with each other and a young man and woman have decided to become one. Unfortunately, a superpower starts to threaten their homeland and the young man has to go to war… Yes, it is (almost) a fairy-tale. However, it is not (only) a children’s tale because the grand concepts of Love, Goodness, Death and Forgiveness are discussed in a way which could (and should) be palatable for people of all ages.

This bright and sad, beautiful and poetic stage allegory which has been called the Georgian “Romeo and Juliet” brings the seven new Vanemuine theatre actors from the most recent class of Drama School of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre onto the stage together for the first time. The director Avtandil Varsimashvili for whom this is the first time working in Estonia is one of the best-known contemporary Georgian directors who is also the Drama Director in the Tbilisi Russian Drama Theatre. In addition to all that, he also manages the private Free Theatre which has gained enormous popularity in Georgia in a short period of time. Varsimashvili has directed over sixty productions, most of them interpretations of classical works. In addition to his homeland, he has also directed in Germany, Italy, Russia and the Ukraine. He is also working as a theatre teacher and almost all well-known Georgian theatre people have studied under him.

The premiere will be held on August 25 in the Harbour Theatre.