Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

Main programme discussion sessions in the Festival Club (Ülikooli 20)

All theatre practitioners, theorists and fans who are interested in a more in-depth analytic examination of the main programme are welcome to listen in on the discussions and voice their own ideas. Every session has a general theme which is based on the keywords which unite the productions in this year’s programme into a coherent whole – presence, story and dramaturgy, religion and divinity. Introductions to the main topics of discussion are made by Estonian theatre researchers Madli Pesti, Aare Pilv and Madis Kolk. After that, the international expert committee voices their opinions of what they have seen. The committee consist of theatre critic Dina Goder and theatre researcher Yulia Kleiman from Russia, the author of “Silence”, Esko Salervo from Finland and playwright, director Stefan Moberg from Sweden and Estonian historian Marek Tamm. The discussions are moderated by Madli Pesti and entry is free for all.  

14-16 on September 4 – Madli Pesti “The Concept of Presence in Theatre Research”

15-17 on September 5 – Aare Pilv “Temporality without Narrativity?”

14-16 on September 6 – Madis Kolk “On the Poles of Blasphemy and Sacred”

NB! All discussions are in English and entry is free for all!