Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

The curator for Draama 2015 is Peeter Raudsepp

The curator for Draama 2015 is Peeter Raudsepp

 The week-long Estonian Theatre Festival Draama 2014 titled “The Art of Presence” ended in 
Tartu on September 7.

For the fifth year in a row, the main programme was compiled by a curator who for this year 
was the writer Tõnu Õnnepalu. The curator’s team who helped him choose the productions 
consisted of Maarja Helena Meriste, Priit Põldma and Kaarel Kuurmaa. The main programme 
consisted of the following eight productions: Ingomar Vihmar’s “Guest” (Estonian Drama 
Theatre), Lembit Peterson’s “I Am Wind” (Theatrum), Alo Kõrve’s “Four Seasons” (Tallinn 
City Theatre), Ari Numminen’s “Petroskoi” (Telakka/Vanha Juko/Rakvere Theatre), Renate 
Keerd’s “PURE MIND” (Kompanii Nii and Tartu New Theatre), Maria Peterson’s “Dove” 
(NPO Arhipelaag), Andres Noormets’s “Silence” (Endla Theatre) and Ivan Strelkin’s “Good 
Luck” (Russian Drama Theatre of Estonia). 
This year’s festival side programme concentrated on poetry theatre. A new theatre was 
opened for a week in the church of the University of Tartu called Teatro Poetico where unique 
premiers of poetry productions were held. Pääru Oja, Aleksander Eelmaa, Kristiina Hortensia 
Port, Mait Joorits, theatre arts students from Viljandi Culture Academy, Tiina Mälberg, etc. 
took the stage.

Furthermore, the Draama festival offered a unique opportunity to watch the special programme 
Stoppard in Estonia which was devoted to the works of the world-famous writer Tom 
Stoppard. The side programme included all three parts of “The Coast of Utopia” and Üllar 
Saaremäe’s production “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”.
On the night of September 6 after the production “The Coast of Utopia. Part III. Salvage” 
in the Small Building of Vanemuine Theatre, the curator for the next year’s festival was 
announced – it is Peeter Raudsepp who is the director of the Drama School of Estonian 
Academy of Music and Theatre. 

“I plan to invite my students to the creative board. They need to start going to the theatre 
a lot and start forming opinions about it. It’s definitely a great responsibility but it’s also 
tremendously exciting,” said Raudsepp. 

The Draama 2014 programme consisted of 20 productions and 30 performances were given. 
This year, the Drama festival had around 4900 visitors. 

The festival became possible thanks to the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Cultural 
Endowment of Estonia, city of Tartu and many other great partners and supporters. 

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