Estonian Theatre Festival 2014. The Art of Presence.

Main programme of Draama 2014 festival revealed

On May 12, the curator of theatre festival Draama 2014 Tõnu Õnnepalu revealed the main programme and the theme of this year’s festival - The Art Of Presence - in Kloostri Ait in Tallinn.

The curator together with his team which consists of Maarja Helena Meriste, Priit Põldma and Kaarel Kuurmaa, chose eight productions for the main programme: Ingomar Vihmar’s “Guest” (Estonian Drama Theatre), Lembit Peterson’s “I Am Wind” (Theatrum), Alo Kõrve’s “Four Seasons” (Tallinn City Theatre), Ari Numminen’s “Petroskoi” (Telakka/Vanha Juko/Rakvere Theatre), Renate Valme “Pure Mind” (Kompanii Nii and Tartu New Theatre), Maria Peterson’s “Dove” (NPO Arhipelaag), Andres Noormets’s “Silence” (Endla Theatre) and Ivan Strelkin’s “Good Luck” (Russian Drama Theatre of Estonia).

The writer Tõnu Õnnepalu explained the theme of the festival, The Art Of Presence, accordingly, “The Art Of Presence. This paradox is the essence of theatre – everything is an illusion but you can be truly present in this illusion, remain only artificially here and be somewhere else instead. But being present - be it here or elsewhere - is simply the beginning of everything. That’s no art in itself. Real art lies in where to be present. Does the place carry a meaning? Does it say something? Does it take you anywhere? Is it the right time? It’s too late to be in the yesterday but too early to be in the tomorrow, even though they say that art is always ahead of its time. It’s not. Only unreal life is always behind of its time. To be present in time, in words, in play, in thoughts, in repulsion and lust, to be present in love – that’s more than just art. That’s poetry. The highest form of the art of presence.”

The Estonian theatre festival Draama takes place in Tartu on September 1-7. The entire programme is announced by the end of June and the tickets will be available for purchase starting from July 1 at Piletilevi ticket vendors.