Estonian Theatre Festival DRAAMA 2019


Tartu New Theatre

Sept 10th 19:00
Tartu New Theatre
Sept 11th 17:00
Tartu New Theatre
Sept 11th 21:00
Tartu New Theatre
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A room with a sofa, a painting, a table and a doily. And a moving situation.

On stage


Sound designer ANDRES LÕO
Light designer KARL MARKEN
Dramaturgical help AARE PILV

April 12th 2019

Duration 1h 15min
No intermission

A room with a sofa, a painting, a table and a doily. And a moving situation. This story is about ensembles we have formed ourselves, ensembles that can obly be intuited, ensembles dictated by systemes and ensembles we have no clue of. It is like the story is paying a visit to someone, where the subject of conversation should be the significance of modern selfdefining and other topics of selfresponsibility. But you cannot depend on the visit itself.

The story of this production began in the autumn of 2016 with the premiere of kadrinoormets' "promised land", which programme was titled "mobile definitions". The text from the programme was published a couple of months later in the opening segment of Estonian cultural magazine "Theatre. Music. Cinema". The text gave new definitions to words and well-known concepts - mobile definitions. The process for this production continued later that autumn when kadrinoormets' "abandoned architectural events" opened in Tartu Art Museum. That was the moment when the sofas by the four walls of the room were added. The next step was in the autumn of 2017 when Ivo and Andres joined kadrinoormets' "landed promise" team. This meant humor that made you go weak from the knees, that is always always unexpected and forever behind the curtains to feed our mind.